Director, Mr. Steve Pavlekovich

     After the death of Mr. Andrew Benda, Mr. Steve Pavlekovich became the new director of the ‘then’ Detroit Senior Tamburitzans. Steve’s musical accomplishments have been numerous and unique. He was the first in the tamburitza field, to record a long play, record album, playing all the instruments, himself and to sing four part harmony, himself. He later recorded a second album in the same manner.

     Steve was chosen to direct the first Croatian Fraternal Union Junior Tamburitza Festival in Des Plaines in 1967. He was selected a second time for the same honor in 1972 for the festival in Detroit. To this date he is the only director to have been chosen twice for the distinguished task.

     His early recordings with Vinka Ellison demonstrated his creativity in musical arrangements and unique style that displayed feeling, perfection and class. Although Steve had arranged music up until this time, it was when he became director of the Detroit Senior Tamburitzans, that this somewhat hidden ‘genius’ came to the surface! During Steve’s reign as director, he contributed to the orchestra, some of the finest musical arrangements and compositions for the large tamburitza orchestra that we shall probably ever receive. These numerous arrangements are all part of our treasured musical library. Steve’s contribution in this sense will be passed on to our future generations of musicians for decades, and for this we are eternally grateful.